Thursday, July 22, 2010


I have had an onslaught of new music discoveries, (and some rediscoveries, which are the best), in a short span of time, and they continue to grow; thus, you get to benefit from it!

I am not sure how I came across Memoryhouse, perhaps listening to a dreamwave radio thread on, but I do know that I cannot stop listening to To The Lighthouse for the life of me. I recommend not watching the video at first, but turning off all the lights around you, lighting some candles, and immersing yourself in this dreamy sound (the genre could not be better named here).

I didn't even have to do any uploading work: says that their EP The Years is available as a free download at the Arcade Sound Ltd website, So, enjoy!
I would like to particularly draw your attention to the fact that THEY ARE ON TOUR, and I enthusiastically encourage you to go and have yourself a nice dreamwave experience for the few bucks it will cost to see them. I am going to try to go to my local show, so if anyone would like to join me, please do.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

What does this remind you of?

I found these Tree Faces on some side streets in the neighborhood where I work. My camera is functioning again so today I tried to be stealthy while taking some photographs early in the morning. What do they remind you of?

Those of you who follow me on LiveJournal get an "exclusive uncensored outtake" of the rest of this Field Guide to said neighborhood.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This is what I want my Food Porn to look like

Now that I am down to one job instead of four, I really need to kick all excuses to the curb for why I haven't been putting more time and effort into food preparation and attention to its content, and trying to eat more raw.
I have: Veganomicon; some raw books thanks to a very lovely and knowledgeable Ukulele playing friend (including Juliano's RAW! where I found that amazing Pomegranate Guacamole idea) ; and The Post Punk Kitchen online; among others. I am surrounded by farmer's markets. Aside from salary woes and lethargy, no excuses.

This is a recent post in a Raw Veganism community that I follow on LiveJournal.
Don't be afraid to click. It's food porn silly, not the other kind, of course it's safe for work. But I assure you it is orgasmic nonetheless.
These pictures are amazing. I do not have such a high quality camera. Mine is a really old digital Canon I got off CraigsList some years ago, and had to ride the commuter rail to a mill town to obtain. The train ticket cost more than the thing itself. It functions of its own accord and mood. Any stunning photos taken with it have been accidental and subject to lots of my amateur editing.
My signatures include various versions of vegan chocolate cake and vegan cheesecake, Veganomicon's Chickpea Quinoa Pilaf, Vegan Latkes; and yes, I have made these amazing Potato Kale Enchiladas once from the glorious PPK! (I substituted all the hot peppers with poblanos though).
So if anyone with jaw dropping photography equipment and talents, such as in the above, wishes to team up with me to take pictures of my culinary adventures when they finally take flight again, do tell.

Especially when I hunt down that Cafe Gratitude raw vegan Tiramisu recipe I have been lusting after and finally manifest that amazing creation myself. At which point we will have to have a Prince/ss Tea Party as well.

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Homeless People

First music post! This reminds me of way back when I had the privilege of being one of the regular posters over at the, now sadly defunct, music blog community ____rhapsodical.

The Homeless People (click for their MySpace) are a Gypsy Jazz duo/trio that I had the pleasant surprise of witnessing live when they came to play a local show a few months back. They are buddies with some acquaintances I made during my brief stint in a band (which hopefully will resume sooner than later). I searched all over for them online to no avail until today, when a friend of mine happened to link to them. Sometimes I love how small a world it is.

I am trying to obtain their album, so for now the tracks and videos on their MySpace will have to do for sharing. Really I suggest you follow their tour schedule and go experience them in person if they are coming to town in your area. The voice that booms out of Christa is truly something to behold, and her musical chemistry with Robbie is undeniable. Violins, Accordions, Foot taps, Gypsy covers of "gangsta rap," and a fabulous rendition of Tom Waits' Tango Till They're Sore, how can you say no?

Nous sommes prĂȘts pour le monde!

Chillin' with my gnomies.